Now I LOVE My Feet

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2017
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My Heels Were Dry and Cracked

Dear Wayne,

I absolutely love Revive Circulation Cream.

I have had the WORST dry, cracked, and bleeding heels since I moved to Colorado where the climate is dry. I tried literally everything on my heels, including prescription lotions and ointments. Some helped for a little while, but none worked long term. My feet are worse than ever. They are cracked so badly, they bleed!

I was often in pain and hated to be barefoot because my feet were so ugly.

I tried the Revive Circulation Cream and the results were amazing! After two days of using this cream in the morning after bathing, and again at night before bed, my feet were visibly healing. After just one week, no more cracks - at all!

Thank you! I LOVE MY FEET and can't wait for summer!

Connie, CO

Cracked, fissured heels

My heels are healed - no cracks

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