Your Body is Your Own Best Doctor

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Can you imagine being able to go through life, never getting sick?

When I heard first that people were doing this, I was very skeptical. And for good reason, since at the time, I was fighting just to stay alive and live an extra day. I had been diagnosed with a highly virulent form of cancer in my spine that had spread throughout my central nervous system. My doctors advised me to get my affairs in order, as I had no more than six months to live.

Surgery and chemotherapy were not an option for my form of cancer, so instead of giving in to the doctors’ diagnosis and giving up on life, I made a radical decision (at the time) to quit a successful career as a research analyst and consultant in Sydney, Australia and headed off to India seeking answers.

You see, in Australia, Ayurevedic medicine as practiced in India, is held in high regard. I did not know what I would find, but I wanted to know what they were doing that I could copy or use and live just a little bit longer.

Little did I know then that my search would take me all across India and Asia, through Tibet, Bhutan, the Hunzaland, China, Korea and finally to America. That was over 30 years ago now. Obviously I found the secret.

Totally Cancer-Free

I have devoted my life to passing on this knowledge, and the secrets that I discovered, through our special Clinic Without Walls. This knowledge was given to me as a gift. I continue that act of kindness in gratitude to the wonderful healers I met along my journey to what I call Contagious Health. This is the state where your body can only get healthier and healthier, not sicker and sicker.

My advanced herbal nutrition formulas are beyond mere vitamins and minerals – they are combine wisdom from the four corners of the globe to coordinate with the body to help it heal and recover. They work like smart bombs to target specific areas and organs needing help and nutrition.

In attempting to integrate all of the lessons and insights learned along the way, I always hold close to my core beliefs a comment shared with me by one of the professors at the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China. He said Western medicine had lost its way with a reliance on artificial drugs for the treatment of symptoms.

Rather than treating the symptoms of disease, he believed the Power of the Universe was available to us all and could be relied upon to lead us to bountiful health and to fight any disease along the way. He simply referred to this as, The Body as Doctor.

He believed our bodies were created with the blueprint of the universe stamped on the DNA of every cell in the body, and that we have the capacity to trigger into action the body’s own mechanisms to treat the problem, the malfunction, the dis-ease. It is through this philosophy that all we do comes together in our mission to help heal the world one person at a time with the understanding that Your Body is Your Best Doctor, So Just Listen!

Come join us, the knowledge of the Universe awaits you. Thank you and may God be with you always.

Wayne Garland

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My Journey of Healing:

1983 – Diagnosed with spinal/CNS cancer and given 6 months to live.
1983-1984 – Traveled throughout India seeking Ayurevedic doctors who would help me beat this cancer.
1985-1988 – Traveled through Bhutan, Tibet, China and Korea to study and apply natural healing methods on my own body, discovering the importance and almighty power of trace minerals to trigger the body into healing action.
1989 – Moved to America at the recommendation of my mentor, Dr. Sook Kim of Korea, to further my education at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR and to see first hand the Great Salt Lake in Utah, to understand why the minerals from this region are considered the most powerful in all the world.
1990-1992 – Internship as a medical nutritionist working with AIDS patients at the Ashanti Foundation in San Francisco, CA and Salt Lake Nutritional Health Clinic for Cancer and Heart Disease. Developed protocols utilizing the work of Professor Rene Quintom, Dr. Andre Passebecq and Dr. Jean-Marc Soulier in the therapeutic properties of marine-plasma mineral solutions for all degenerative disease, particularly blood cancer, leukemia and lymphoma.
1992-2000 – Nutritional formulator for Equinox International, ranked #1 on the “Inc 500” list of fastest-growing privately held companies in America in 1996 by INC Magazine. Developed and oversaw manufacturing of the Master Formulas herbal and ionic mineral nutrition product line, generating nearly 60% of corporate revenues.
2000+ - In honor of all the individuals who helped me along the way, I began sharing all I had learned, and continue to learn about restoring balance and health through a plant-based lifestyle with anyone who asked for help. I refer to this as our Clinic Without Walls, because it does not matter where we physically are to share the message of Contagious Health and to know that Your Body is Your Best Doctor.


1984 – Studied at the Hahneman Homeopathic College and Clinic in Mumbai, India
1985-1987 – Studied at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China
1988 – Initiated a research project while in Korea to further explore and extrapolate alternative healing modalities, particularly the use of marine plasma mineral compounds, to prove the effectiveness of these methods based upon my own healing and recovery, as well as others.
1993-2000 – Traveled extensively through China and Asia, working closely and studying with researchers, scientists and professors at the Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China to formulate and enhance the Master Formula nutritional line sold through Equinox International.