I accidentally marked your email as Spam

It happens. We get so much email these days that is easy to accidentally mark good email as Spam without realizing it.

We use a 3rd party email management service in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act to manage our outbound email communications with you. When you mark an email as Spam, a response is sent to the service provider and your email is placed on a Complaint/Unsubscribed list, blocking all future email to you.

It doesn't matter why we are sending you an email - we could be replying to an inquiry you sent us, wishing you a Happy Birthday, an order confirmation or shipment tracking - all email outbound email from us to you is blocked.

If you would like to restore email communication, click on the link below to reactivate your email address, removing your email address from the Complaint list and authorizing us to send email to you.


If you have any questions about how and when we send email to you, please review our Privacy Policy or better yet, call our Customer Support team at (855) 995-2639. Remember, don't email us, because we can't reply back to you. ;-)