Pamela Van ZeePamela Van Zee
After spending several years dealing with doctors, asthma, inhalers and steroids, Pamela was introduced to someone who knew Wayne Garland - and little did she know, it would be the beginning of an almost 30 year connection.

With Wayne’s help, a combination of supplements and dietary changes, Pamela has been asthma and dairy-free for nearly 30 years. She has been animal protein-free for 20+ years and has lived a plant-strong lifestyle since! YEA Pamela!

Pamela spent many years in the corporate world and prayed God would open a door to something bigger and more meaningful. When the door opened to work with Wayne and the team, she walked right through – joining the team was a no-brainer for her!

As Director of Customer Relations and leader of Our Community Kitchen, Pamela is responsible for each customer’s total experience. She also leads our Nutritional Transition services, helping customers successfully transition to a healthier, plant-strong lifestyle.

Pamela gets up every morning knowing God has a plan for her to bless anyone who crosses her path and especially every single customer she has the opportunity to talk to each day.

Pamela has been using our formulas for years, but rain or shine she always takes Ultra D3, Balanced Woman (without it her family might have traded her in for a newer model by now!), Miracle of Life, Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex, Mind Power, Age-Less, 5-HTP, Progesterone Boost, and Supta-Gluta And, during cold and flu season, Pamela adds Respiratory Lung Health, Shroom Supreme and Shark Liver Oil.

Lisa JonesLisa Jones
Lisa’s involvement began in 2002 while dabbling with the nutritional formulas, trying to find relief from her Polycyctic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS.) With Wayne’s encouragement, she started using Balanced Woman faithfully and was "hooked". She believes this one product literally cured her PCOS and she feels like a totally new person!

Lisa is part of our Customer Support team, mailing “Thank You” referral cards, notes of encouragement to customers, answering our toll-free number, processing orders, answering questions and celebrating birthdays with our amazing customers! Basically, Lisa is the sweetest person you’d ever meet!

Lisa is a follower of Jesus and He gives her joy, peace, confidence and it’s His love she hopes shines through to each person she greets on the phone!

The products Lisa just cannot live without are Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex and Balanced Woman. She recently added Mind Power to her regime and now says – “my mind just craves things to do. It’s almost like it wants to gobble-up mental work. I’m focused, driven and have almost NO need for a calendar or notes to remind myself of all the things I need to do. All I can say is WOW!”