Frequently Asked Questions

Can children take your supplements?

Yes, all of our nutritional formulas can be taken by children. The typical dosage is based upon a person weighing 150 lbs, so adjust accordingly. We recommend opening the capsule and mixing the contents with a small amount of applesauce, or even better, in a smoothie.

What about my pets? Can they take the supplements too?

Absolutely! Just like us, pets are missing vital trace minerals and other nutrients in their diet. Adjust accordingly for weight as outlined above. Open the capsules, or add a few drops of trace minerals and mix with their food. In a few days, you may notice a significant improvement. Send us a photo of you and your pet - we'd love to share your story!

Where are thin skin areas to apply Testosterone Boost, Progresterone Boost and Supta Gluta creams?

Thin skin is any area on the body where veins are close to the surface of the skin to aid absorption and transport of the active ingredients into the bloodstream. Areas like the back of hands, inside of wrists, elbows or knees, front or back of neck, top of feet, arch and shins. Rotate the area for each application to avoid accumulation.

Do You Accept Medicaid, Insurance or Flex-Spending Cards?

Unfortunately our current medical system does not recognize preventative medicine or nutritional supplements as medically necessary, so vitamins and nutritional supplements are not eligible for Medicaid, Insurance or Flex-Spending reimbursement.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship International packages via US Postal Service First Class International or Priority International. Shipping rates depend upon the country shipped to and the weight of your package. Packages are typically delivered in 7-14 business days, depending upon country. (Sorry, we do not ship to Norway.)

We realize International Shipping can be expensive and do our best to find you the lowest rates. We insure all packages for delivery and do not add extra handling fees to the shipping rate.

Am I Responsible for Import Tariffs or Duties?

Yes. Import duties and fees are determined by your country. Please check with your local customs office to determine the if import charges may apply.

I Want to Return a Product

Your purchase is covered by our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you don't like a product for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for exchange or store credit. Cash refunds are not provided on opened products. To return an item, please follow the steps outlined on the Refunds & Cancellations page.