Lovin' me some Progesterone Boost!

Posted on Friday, September 27, 2013
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I'm So Happy I Found Progesterone

Hi! My name is Connie and this picture is me sweating my way through menopause!

Well, I'm sweating in my Bikram Yoga class, praying a lot, going on daily walks and occasional runs, AND using natural bio-identical Progesterone Boost cream.

I first discovered Progesterone when I was pregnant with my second child. I had been diagnosed as infertile after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for almost 4 years. I'd had a miscarriage and my ob/gyn did blood work and discovered I was almost completed depleted of Progesterone. According to my doctor, I would be unable to get pregnant or keep a pregnancy without medical intervention. I desperately wanted to have another child and my daughter Bekah cried herself to sleep at night, praying for a baby sister.

Because I was unknowledgeable and afraid, I trusted my doctor who dosed me with massive amounts of hormones to help me get pregnant, and then prescribed oral progesterone to help me keep the pregnancy.

I FINALLY got pregnant after 3 horrific months of fertility treatment. I was like a hormonal zombie! I could barely function. I thought it was all worth it when the pregnancy test came back positive! For the next several months, I continued to endure the oral progesterone, even though I spotted and thought several times I was having a miscarriage. My second daughter, Hannah, was born in May. I was SO overjoyed but immediately began to suffer from postpartum depression.

This time, rather than turning to my doctor, I asked a dear friend of mine, who is a nurse/midwife, what she uses to help women suffering from depression. She told me all about natural topical USP Progesterone Cream. She had used Progesterone throughout her menopausal years and felt like it was the best solution for every woman.

I immediately bought several jars and used it morning, noon and night. I began feeling better that day, and over the next several months, I noticed I had lost my baby weight faster than I had during my first pregnancy and my skin and hair looked phenomenal!

The following year, we moved to Florida for my husband's job. The first week we were there, I found out I was pregnant - without using any drugs or hormones! When our third child Hope was still breast-feeding, I got pregnant again! Gloria was the easiest pregnancy of all. I had literally ZERO morning sickness, hardly gained any weight during pregnancy and she was by far, the easiest delivery. I delivered her at home - with the help of my beloved midwife - without any pain meds. I know without a doubt it was the Progesterone Cream!

Now that my girls are older they all use the cream and NEVER get bloated or have PMS. I have used it faithfully since Gloria was born and I'm going through menopause now with hardly any symptoms!

The last few months have been incredibly busy and I forgot to use my Boost Progesterone! I even work for Wayne Garland, so you would think I know better! But, life sometimes gets away from me, and I started feeling really depressed again and I wasn't sleeping.

I restarted my Progesterone cream 4x a day and I immediately felt better. I slept like a rock that night and had so much energy, I completed like 5 projects. I felt more clear headed and focused. After about 5 days, I felt like my old self!

Most of my friends who are going the HRT route are all miserable. I tell them they have a choice. I'm so glad someone cared enough for me to tell me that I needed Progesterone. That's why I'm telling you. This stuff really works.

I just turned 52, and my friends and family can't believe it. I don't look or act my age - but, believe me, there are days I FEEL it. It's good to know that I'm fending off aging and feeling great. I'm working, going to grad school, taking care of kids, and interning - I'm definitely stretched, but I have the energy and stamina I need every day!

I also use DIM to free up even more Progesterone and use Balanced Woman for the complete hormone balance regimen.

Just try it and you won't believe how good you feel!

Connie, CO

Bio-Identical USP Progesterone Boost cream is 100% natural, derived from plant sterols. Progesterone can bring relief to any woman suffering from PMS, migraines, weight gain caused by hormonal imbalance, bloating, and in many cases, reduce menopause symptoms.

DIM promotes a healthy estrogen metabolism in both men and women. A powerful super-antioxidant, DIM performs a myriad of jobs in the body in addition to improving hormonal balance. DIM has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and weight management properties. It even helps to reduce hormonal acne and improved estrogen metabolism supports healthy, long term weight management.

Balanced Woman combines ancient adaptogenic herbs to balance and support the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones, providing nutritional support for the female hormonal system. Ideal for aiding the symptoms of PMS, menstruation, peri- and post-menopause, and even fertility enhancement.

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