Clean, great tasting water for less than 3 cents a gallon!

  • Multi-stage water purification system provides pure, delicious water on demand
  • Easy install on counter with included diverter hose, or install under sink with optional dedicated vented faucet
  • Reduces and/or removes hundreds of chemicals, prescription drugs and heavy metals Lead and Mercury commonly found in drinking water
  • Maintenance free! No cartridges to purchase and change
  • 10,000 gallon capacity, ideal for larger families

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Water Filtration ships separately.

The Purity water filtration system is twice the size of our Countertop water filter. Ideal for larger families or sink faucets with an integrated pull out sprayer head.

Designed to provide up to 10,000 gallons of great tasting, pure water at your faucet for less than 3 pennies a gallon.

Installs easily on your countertop with the included dual channel high temperature hose and metal diverter to connect to your faucet, or if you have an integrated, pull-out faucet spray handle, install under your sink with the optional dedicated, vented faucet.

NOTE: Vented faucet requires an available hole on your sink top. If you do not have an unused hole to use, contact a handy(wo)man to drill a hole in your sink top.

Manufactured from FDA-compliant, food grade materials and 100% recyclable ABS food-grade plastic. Installs to most* kitchen, bath or bar faucets. No cartridges to replace.

How Does It Work?

The Purity Filtration System has a patented 3-stage filtration process.

  • Stage 1 Catalytic Carbon (aka KDF) - a revolutionary patented media that is designed to reduce chloramines and that rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide) through catalytic reaction.
  • Stage 2 Granular Activated Carbon - for reducing small molecular weight chemical contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, MTBE's (a common additive to gasoline) and other organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • Stage 3 High Grade Activated Coconut Shell Carbon - has an enhanced micro-pore structure that adsorbs twice the amount of contaminants as other activated carbons and gives water a clean, sweet taste.

Housing elements are ultrasonically bonded to eliminate the use of adhesives, solvents, or seals. This process is healthier, safer and better for the environment.

If you want to remove chemicals/heavy metals AND Fluoride in the same system, see our Chemical and Fluoride Combination UnderCounter.


Installation is simple if you are handy. For countertop installation, unscrew the aerator on your faucet and screw on the metal diverter. For undercounter installation, you will need to install a T-adapter from your cold water line and install the vented faucet on your sink top. If you are uncomfortable crawling under your sink and disconnecting the cold water supply line, we advise to hire a handy(wo)man or plumber to install the unit.

Dimensions: 7" diameter x 14" high
Flow Rate: 0.75 gallons per minute
Capacity: 10,000 gallon capacity
Lifespan: Approximately 3-4 years for family of 4+. Replace when water flow rate reduces or noticeable off-taste or smell occurs.

Saturation of the filtration media may occur faster in different areas depending upon the condition of the water. Generally, it is recommended that the unit be replaced when there is a noticeable drop in water pressure and/or off-tastes or odors.

Water Filtration Systems Ship Separately via FedEx Home Delivery