You'll Be Joe Cool - All Day and Night!

  • Calm, cool and collected - that's how you'll feel with our Stress Relief Combo
  • Tolerance Stress-X aids managing anxiety, helping you stay calm and focused during the day
  • Good Night aids deep, restorative sleep with melatonin, valerian, magnesium and much more

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When we successfully manage stress during the day, our brain is far more receptive to turning off at night time.

Stress is a natural response elevating alertness and increasing immune system response. A little stress is good, but prolonged stress leads to fatigue, irritability and long-term health issues.

I refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good! Tolerance incorporates the latest in neurotransmitter and amino acid research, combining vitamins, minerals and herbs with amino acids like Taurine and GABA to support total mind and body relaxation, supporting the body in a de-stressed mode and a relaxed mood, free of high anxiety during the daytime.

Good Night is for deep, restorative sleep at night with a tour de force of sleep-inducing elements (including Melatonin of course,) to assist you in relaxing and falling asleep at bedtime, while at the same time enhancing the deep, restorative REM sleep in the early morning hours.

Both formulas are all-natural and drug-free. When taken together as a combination, they work wonders to lower stress and restore natural, restorative sleep patterns.

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Frisco, TX

Peace and Joy

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The products are great individually and even better together. Stressful job is pretty standard these days with global corporate work. Tolerance in morning helps me roll and thinking clearly through meetings calmly. Good Night Formula shuts down chatter for 7 to 8 hours for me. I recommend!! Thank you Wayne Garland for caring about our quality of life!


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This truly works for stress and the anxiety that comes with it. I was considering asking my doctor for a prescription to help me. But I tried this first ....and I am truly thankful 😀

Sacramento, California

A Must!

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I have been taking Good Night and Tolerance since 1995 and they are two products I am not willing to live without. Sleep is very important to me and with this product I sleep great and wake up feeling well rested. I fall asleep within a few minutes of my head hitting my pillow. I have had some stressful jobs and Tolerance helps me feel calmer when things get chaotic.