Supercharge Your Natural Inflammatory Response!

  • Chronic inflammation is the silent killer, contributing to disease and aging
  • Contains essential formulas for supporting a healthy inflammation-reducing response in your body
  • Beneficial for overall vascular health, overtaxed immune system, exhausted adrenal glands, digestive issues, leaky-gut and auto-immune disorders
  • May help to enhance recovery from high stress lifestyle, and physical exertion at work or play

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Stress is normally a positive natural response, elevating alertness and immunity. But prolonged or chronic stress leads to fatigue, lack of sleep, irritability, and long-term health issues. Stress triggers a cascade of signals to the immune system, causing inflammation to increase, and unchecked, can turn the body into a cauldron of pain.

Overactive Inflammatory Response can cause your joints to ache, make your head hurt, create tighness in your chest, and generally mimic the signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Inflammation is the body's first defense against infection, but when it goes awry, it can lead to heart attacks, colon cancer, Alzheimer's and a host of other diseases. -TIME Magazine, 2004

Controlling this overactive response mechanism naturally, without drugs, has immediate results. It works so well that it literally feels like you are turning back the hands of time by eliminating the inflammatory fire, stopping - and potentially even reversing - the aging process.

Our Inflammatory Management Kit bundles 3 essential supplements AgeLess Anti-Inflammatory, Super Curcumin C3, and ProBiotic Max to support the body's ability to repair and restore a healthy inflammatory response:

  • Boost vitamin D levels, responsible for over 200 hormonal actions in the body
  • Lower cortisol, the fight or flight stress hormone
  • Enhance gut health, the epicenter of immunity

Supercharge your Natural Inflammatory Response and start feeling better today!

Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
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Simple Effective Convenient

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The Inflammatory Management Kit makes it easy to address my inflamation issues. It's also convenient and cost saving to have the kit rather than search for and order the individual products. Body As Doctor hit a home run with this one!



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Diverticulosis & Lupus flareups are lessened as long as I have the Inflammatory TRIPLE vitamin Kit in my system; otherwise I would be in the hospital having to adhere to the temporary fixes from prescription drugs. The Pro-Biotic Max, Super Curcumin C3 Complex & Age-Less are natural anti-inflammatory vitamins have allowed amazing results, especially for my shoulder joints. Without them in my system, I experience severe pain & stiffness each time I try to lift, especially my left arm. Since taking the three vitamins, I can now lift both arms straight up in the air to form the letter V for VICTORY. Praise the Lord!
Nancy L. Blue
North Carolina

Stuart, Florida

Inflammatory control products

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I'm so grateful for the AgeLess product and am now taking the Super-Curcumin Complex as well. My hip pain is greatly improved and I find that I have much more freedom of movement.

Friendship, WI

Luv it

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Attacks adrenal issues from all angles..feeling better already, 2wks in! Often adrenal issues can take months to resolve.

Palm Harbor, Florida

Renewed Energy!

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I recently was experiencing low energy, stomach aches and fatigue due to an overload of duties and preparation for a house sale and major move. The inflammatory Kit quickly got me back on track with renewed energy. Thank you for recommending this product.