A Few Drops Could Change Your Life!

  • Some call it the miracle mineral, Iodine is needed by the thyroid and endocrine glands for proper hormone function
  • Low iodine can lead to depression, weight gain, low energy, brain fog, high blood pressure and much more
  • Formulated according to Edgar Cayce specifications, Detoxified Iodine can also be taken orally or topically on the skin

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The Thyroid Gland is the junction box for the entire endocrine system and the base of all bodily functions. Iodine is said to be that great missing element in all mankind, which is why today problems associated with thyroid impairment or malfunction are epidemic in their proportions.

Based on Edgar Cayce's formulation of Atomidine and through a proprietary process, Detoxified Iodine is 99 percent bio-available. Its main function is to provide the necessary element for the thyroid gland, which regulates all the other systems directly.

Detoxified Iodine is completely different from the typical (and toxic) iodine sold in its denser state as an antiseptic, or as added to potassium iodine to make it safer. Unlike glandular or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid's job, Detoxified Iodine nutritionally builds the thyroid to function properly.

Highly concentrated, just a few drops are used for improvement.

Suggested Usage: Take 1 drop in 3 to 6 oz water or topically for the first day, increasing 1 drop each day for 5 days. Take 2 days off and then repeat another five days. Follow this routine for three weeks. The fourth week start at five drops and slowly work your way up as long as there is no discomfort. Most people stabilize somewhere between 8 to 10 drops daily. Some may need up to 12-15 drops.

If you begin to feel low energy, brain fog or headaches, cut back on your daily amount. Once your Iodine levels are up, you will be able to reduce the dosage and even skip a day once in awhile.

Use as a mouth rinse to clean bacteria below gum line. Add 1-5 drops to 1/2 oz water and swish/gargle in mouth for 30 seconds, then spit out. Repeat weekdays, skip weekends.

Recommended: 8am to 12noon on an empty stomach 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 PM could raise your energy levels and keep you awake at night.

You can also apply Detoxified Iodine topically for absorption through the skin. Use the same amount of drops as you would if you were ingesting it, and follow the same procedure to build up your supply.

Bottle Size: 1/2 ounce, 200mcg Iodine per drop

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I have more energy!

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I've taken the Detoxified Iodine - Edgar Cayce Atomidine for approx 5 days now and I've noticed that I have more energy... less fatigued. Looking forward to feeling even better in the next month or so.


Thinking Power!

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This stuff is amazing. I don't know how it works but, I take a couple drops a day and it works wonders. I work in an industry that requires you to think on your feet and this stuff helps me think clearly throughout the day.

As a recent convert to being vegan, I also use this to supplement my vegan lifestyle. Great stuff!



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Incredible product, helped me in replenishing my skin and hair. Cannot live without it.

No More Brain Fog!

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First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU is in store. We talked about 2 months ago when I first had severe brain fog. My medical doctor took blood tests and revealed a low thyroid condition, high cholesterol, and severe allergies to pollen. You first told me to start taking the Detoxified Iodine, which completely got rid of the brain fog within a week. I was starting to think I had some sort of memory loss disease or something, but sure enough the drops got rid of the brain fog. Also, the shark liver oil did wonders for the allergies. I have great energy now and have been biking 2 to 3 times a week.