What is Marine Phyto-Plankton?

Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 in
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People ask me all the time,

“Is there just one formula that I can take each day to satisfy my body’s needs?”

Yes, Marine Phyto-Plankton is a an amazing superfood is truly a SUPER FOOD. It has all the vitamins your body needs, all the minerals it needs, all the amino acids it needs, all the antioxidants it needs, all the immune boosting elements it needs, all the DNA/RNA factors a body needs to rebuild and regenerate at the cellular level.

Marine Phytoplankton Chlorella Supergreen AlgaePeople on radiation and chemotherapy treatment in particular rave about how they do not experience the negative effects so many others do, how their energy levels stay consistent and how well they feel.

If it can do this for people facing death, imagine what it will do for you!

The Japanese have known the secret of this amazing super green algae for centuries. It is one of the key reasons why Japanese have a higher percentage of people over 100 than any other. Take it as a lesson and live abundantly, disease free, as God intended for you. Read on to learn more about all the amazing benefits of consuming the supergreen micro algae chlorella we call Marine Phyto-Plankton.

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Immune Enhancer – Phytoplankton stimulates the production of immune building cells because of its high content of Beta Carotene, amino acids, nucleic acids and Zinc.

It has been shown to be specifically helpful for Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus and to be more effective than chlorophyll alone and this is apparently due to the growth factors in the plankton algae. Researchers at Kanazawa Medical University in Japan and Taipei University in the Republic of China performed experiments and concluded that the anti-tumor effect was probably due to the protection or restoration of macrophage activity, which is usually retarded in the body by the time tumors start to growth (macrophages are large cells of the immune system that liberally consume and digest tumor cells, bacteria clumps and other substances that should not be in the body.)

Alkalizer – Phytoplankton alkalizes the body because of its content of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron and Chlorophyll.

Antioxidants – Because of its natural content of antioxidant minerals and vitamins like Beta Carotene, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the B vitamins, Phytoplankton is a vital protector against cancer and immune dysfunctional diseases.

Detoxifier - The cell wall material of the Phytoplankton rids our body of Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, radiation and pesticides and protects the liver from harmful substances.

When Phytoplankton was given for 12 days, Cadmium in the excretions of patients increased 3 times over the baseline. After 24 days, the Cadmium in the urine had increased to 7 times greater than the baseline!

Detoxification of heavy metals such as Mercury, Copper and Lead have also been shown with the use on a daily basis. It has also been shown to be highly effective in removing pesticides, insecticides and PCB (polychloridebiphenyl) from the body. When given to radiation treated cancer patients it has shown to prevent hair loss during the treatment period.

Regenerator – World’s highest content of natural RNA/DNA which regenerates or own RNA/DNA for a more in-depth healing. Contains 19 amino acids for cellular and tissue regeneration.

It stimulates the production of human growth hormones in the body, the same hormones known to stimulate healing of various tissue and reverse the aging process. Human RNA/DNA production slows down dramatically as we age, resulting in a lower level of vitality and reduction of healing ability.

The growth factors in Phytoplankton have been shown to supply abundant growth building materials for regeneration at a cellular level.

EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) – Contains 10% essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, 6 and 9 that are now proven to be vital for heart and cardiovascular function and brain sustenance. (All autopsies on Alzheimer’s patients show a chronic lack of Omega fatty acids in the brain tissue.)

The daily dose of 3 capsules contains the equivalent of a staggering 1000 mgs of marine micro milled chlorella algae. The natural sea salts, minerals and algae promote a more complete health profile for your body. Recommended serving is 3-6 capsules per day, taken with meals.

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Marine Phytoplankton Chlorella Supplement Facts Ingredient breakdown

Ingredient Breakdown (and explanation of benefits)

Alanine – Activates muscles, immune system booster

Arginine - Builds muscle, supports immune system, detoxifies the liver

Asparagine – Immune system booster, brain energizer

Aspartic Acid – Assists making healthy DNA, immune system booster

Beta Carotene – Immune system booster, defends against free radical attack, aids digestion, vision enhancement, cornea protector

Bioflavonoids – Immune system boosters, remove toxins from skin cells

Biotin – Promotes healthier looking hair

Boron – Promotes stronger bones, improves mental clarity, assists with unclogging arteries, key to fertility and testosterone production

Calcium – Promotes stronger bones, calms nerves, improves cholesterol levels

Chlorophyll – Promotes bowel regularity, cleanses interstitial tissues, chemically identical to hemoglobin for oxygen transport in the blood. This is the fuel of life that Nature uses in plants to transform inorganic matter into life sustaining phyto-nutrients, vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants.

Chromium – Moderates existent diabetes, prevents adult-onset diabetes, key to Glucose Tolerance Factor in the blood, leans body mass to aid in weight loss.

Cobalt – Repairs nerve cells, helps produce red blood cells

Copper – Eases Arthritis, helps produce red blood cells

Cysteine – Detoxifies carcinogens

Electrolytes – Help kidneys regain optimum function

Fiber – Eliminate toxic wastes

Fluorine – Fights tooth decay, improves bone density

Folic Acid – Increases mental focus, prevents anemia

Germanium – Helps control Epstein-Barr virus, triggers the body to manufacture vital interferons

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – Lowers cholesterol

Glutamic Acid – Reduces alcohol/sugar (carbohydrate) cravings

Glutamine – Increases mental focus

Glutathione – Defends against free radical attacks

Glycine – Calms nervous system

Glycogen – Boosts physical stamina

Histidine – Enhances nutrient absorption, removes toxic metals

Iodine – Assists with maintaining regulating body weight, normalizes thyroid

Iron – Decreases anemia, increases emotional health, increases physical energy

Isoleucine – Builds muscle, helps repair the liver

Lecithin – Dissolves cholesterol deposits, improves short-term memory

Leucine – Reduces hypoglycemic symptoms

Linoleic Acid – Combats viral infections

Lysine – Helps prevent osteoporosis

Magnesium – Promotes tranquility, moderates mood swings, reduces migraine headaches, crucial to create each heartbeat, converts Calcium into bone.

Manganese – Assists joint mobility

Methionine – Enhances memory, mood elevator, removes heavy metals Molybdenum, increases longevity

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – Stress reducer, lowers cholesterol assists in reversing atherosclerosis

Nickel – Promotes cellular growth and reproduction

Nucleic Acids – Memory enhancement

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Increase cell membrane flexibility, cholesterol dissolving properties, reduce cardiovascular diseases

Omega – 6 Fatty Acids – Relieve arthritis symptoms, skin tone improvement, reduces cardiovascular disease

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Reduces morning pain caused by arthritis, reduces toxicity from alcohol, defender against free radicals

Phenylalanine – Improves mental clarity, sugar cravings reducer

Phosphorous – Assists with healthy teeth, increases bone fracture repair

Potassium – Hypertension reducer, blood pressure control, the “brain mineral”

Proline – Increases learning ability, assists repairing torn cartilage

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – Immune system booster, relieves PMS

Riboflavin – Boosts physical energy, defends free radical attacks, reduces eye fatigue

RNA – Improves mental focus

Selenium – Strengthens immune system and fights cancer formation, relieves anxiety

Serine – Enhances skin beauty

Silicon – Skin tightening, nature’s building block.

Sodium – Assists preventing sunstroke, partners Potassium to create energy in the cells.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) – Assists in preventing free radical activity

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – Increases energy, improves mental attitude, tension reliever

Theonine – Immune system enhancer, ameliorates skin tone

Tyrosine – Improves emotional health, enhances mental alertness, increases memory ability

Valine – Promotes muscle tissue building

Vanadiu – Assists in controlling blood sugar levels, vital for diabetics.

Vitamin B12 – Increases physical energy, enhances mental focus, assists with nervous system repair

Vitamin C – Promotes healthier gums, reduces risk of cancer, reduces duration of common cold

Vitamin E – Immune system booster, promotes healthy nerve tissue

Zinc – Supports prostate health, strengthens immune system, reduces outbreaks of acne, increase memory access, reduces common cold symptoms

RNA/DNA - the blueprint of cellular identity and your genetic history. It needs replenishing every second. Marine Phyto-Plankton is the supplement that can do it.

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