My Cholesterol was 243!

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 in no categories
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I was Terrified of Having a Heart Attack

When I found out my cholesterol was 243, I knew I needed help, so I called my friend and natural healer, Wayne Garland.

I was not going to take statin drugs like Lipitor, because I knew how dangerous they can be. Wayne asked me to stop eating eggs (I didn't realize just one egg has 187mg of cholesterol,) and eliminated all meat and dairy, and started me on his Cholesteine formula.

In just one month on the formula and dietary changes, my cholesterol plummeted by 78 points to 165, and my LDL cholesterol dropped 71 of those 78 points. All in just one month!

Seeing such dramatic results so soon is very motivating for me to keep on going! And I am referring another coworker of mine to you, especially regarding the Cholesteine product. :) Thanks so much!

You saved me already from Thyroid Cancer, and now you've saved my heart too! Saying Thank You doesn't seem to be nearly enough.

Andrea Billewicz
Alexandria, VA

Cholesteine is our ultra-powerful cholesterol formulation, with a unique blend of powerful minerals, Chinese herbal compounds, amino acids and Trimethylglycine, the wonder-nutrient for Homocysteine control.

If you, or anyone you know, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol or is at risk for heart disease, get a copy of my ebook, Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You. The book includes detailed instructions and recipes we've used for years to quickly and dramatically lower LDL cholesterol and Homocysteine levels, bringing these back into normal ranges.

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