I Tell Everyone About Shark Liver Oil

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2017
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I Haven't Had a Cold or Flu in 13 Years!

I live in Huntington, NY (on Long Island) and for 18 years commuted to Proskauer Rose, one of the top law firms in NYC. I have always loved learning new things, and one day I was attending a class at the Learning Annex and started chatting with the woman next to me about various things. She told me about Wayne Garland and his natural vitamins, as I mentioned I always get very sick every year with bronchitis and upper respiratory infection. I was very interested in finding a natural solution, as the last time it was so bad the doctor prescribed asthma medicine for me, as I could hardly even breathe.

On her recommendation, I bought a bottle of Shark Liver Oil and started taking it faithfully every day. To my great joy and delight I did not get sick that winter. It's been thirteen years since I started taking Shark Liver Oil and I haven't had a cold, flu, bronchitis or upper respiratory infection since!

I don't believe in coincidences and am so thankful I was taking that class that day. I tell everyone about you and your amazing vitamins, especially the miraculous Shark Liver Oil. All of my friends who have started taking it themselves thank me continuously for sharing this natural formula.

God Bless you Mr Garland and everyone on your staff for all the wonderful, amazing, healing work you are doing to bring good health to us all. You are a Great Blessing to the World!

Phemie, NY

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