It's Like Showering in Spring Water!

  • Experience softer, smoother skin and hair with your first shower
  • Reduce chlorine, chloroform and harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • Tool free installation, simply replace your shower head with the ShowerMate
  • 20,000 gallon capacity, approx 1 year for 2 people

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We spend millions on bottled water, but have you ever showered in pure, spring water, free of chemicals like chlorine that dry your skin? If you haven't, you are in for a treat, and you'll never go back to showering in tap water again. Whenever you travel, you will want to pack one in your suitcase!

Maintenance and cartridge free. Nothing to change or replace for 20,000 gallons, approximately 1 year for 2 people. Use with your current shower head, hand held shower wand or the included 2.5 gpm water conserving showerhead to conserve water usage by up to 40%.

How Does It Work?

The Shower Mate has a patented 2-stage filtration process, passing water through 12 inches of filtration media to reduce chemicals commonly found in municipal water like chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, even heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury.

Stage 1 - High grade coconut shell carbon to effectively reduce volatile organic chemicals by adsorption and chlorine by catalytic reaction.

Stage 2 - Centaur, a revolutionary patented media that is designed to reduce chloramines and that rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide) through catalytic reaction.

Capacity, Size and Flow Rate:

  • 20,000 gallons - 4” diameter x 7” long, 2.5 gpm

Installation & Blackflush Instructions:

Quick and easy to install - just remove your current shower head and install the Shower Mate in its place. No tools needed. The Shower Mate is designed to sit above the shower neck, raising the height of your shower head.

We recommend you backflush the Shower Mate every 4-6 months to maintain effectiveness and prolong the life. A plastic union fitting and step-by-step instructions are included with your Shower Mate for reversing the flow of water through the filter in order to flush and reset the media beds.

Typical life is 1 year for 2 people, each taking 1 shower daily. Using a high flow rate shower head (>2.5 gpm) will slightly decrease the chlorine reduction capability, as water passes through the filter faster.

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I have been using the shower mate for 10+ years. It is not an option to not use. Keeps my skin from breaking out

Biloxi MS

Best Filter ever!!

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I suffer from dry skin year round and always need my spouse to put moisturizer on my back daily. Since I’ve been using this amazing shower filter I no longer need that moisturizer applied daily. My daughter suffers from eczema and since she’s been using the filter her flare ups having reduced greatly. This was a great double purchase! If I had another shower I would change that one too!!

Sacramento, California

Shower Mate Filter

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I highly recommend this product! My eyes don't burn when taking a shower due to the chemicals in the water and my skin isn't as dry. I have been using this product and replacing when necessary since 1995. I notice the difference when I have to shower at a hotel with unfiltered water.


Like bathing in mountain spring water!

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If you have any kind of dry skin challenge, dry feet or dry scalp this shower filter is a MUST. I've been using this particular shower filter for over 20+ years, I've replaced it every year with a new one for optimal filtration. Actually I also keep a spare unit I travel with. When price is evaluated over a year or two it's a very small price to pay broken down per month, and I believe my body and well being is worth it!

Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Shower Mate Water Filter

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I have used this product for approx. two weeks now and have notice a tremendous difference. I am able to use less shampoo and soap than I used to. My skin doesn't feel dry anymore and I've noticed fewer water spots on my shower doors. Everyone should be using this!