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Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 in
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We asked our team to share with you our top 5 favorite formulas, and why they love them so much. What they take everyday might just surprise you. What are your favorite formulas?

photo of Wayne Garland

"It is more than difficult to choose a list of my FAB 5 formulas, as I am keenly aware of how efficient and effective every one of our formulations are.

Being pressed to choose, I believe my choices reflect the true core of all I dream of for our company, for you, and for the world!

Since my brain runs my body, I use Mind Power, and since the Greek god Zeus bestows fertility and passionate health, I use our men's Zeus formulation.

There is a fantastic secret ingredient from Japan that keeps your heart and arteries totally unclogged, and so I use Nattokinase, and because there is a "secret stash" of all-natural energy in every capsule, I take Nature's Energy Secret - and I never miss!

And these are all enveloped with the extraordinary power of the Miracle of Life itself."

- Wayne Garland, Founder/CEO

photo of Dale Aychman"Over the past 20 yrs, I've taken just about every formula we make, but now that I'm in my 50's, my FAB 5 formulas are about slowing down the aging process.

We don't talk enough about Supta Gluta, but I believe it is one of our most important formulas, repairing and rejuvenating cells from the inside. This cream contains Glutathione (the master antioxidant) and Superoxide Dismutase (enzymes that repair cells) that absorbs directly into the bloodstream for faster results.

Combining Supta Gluta with Miracle of Life gives me the best chance to look and feel 10 years younger!

I have also experienced tremendous benefits from our Testosterone Boost transdermal cream. You can read more about my story here: 51 and in the Best Shape of My Life.

Nature's Energy Secret and Age-Less are other "best kept" secrets. I work out harder now, and recovery faster, than when I was in my 40's - and without a doubt, these 2 formulas are a big factor."

- Dale Aychman, President/CFO

photo of Pamela Van Zee"My daily regime consists of far more than just my FAB 5 formulas! Selecting only 5 was no easy task. They are all so great!

I begin each morning with Nature's Energy Secret. My spin classes and crossfit workouts are NOT the same without it!

As I started to understand the role our gut plays in overall health (even with allergies!), Pro-biotic MAX is a core formula for me several times a day.

Balanced Woman, Boost Progesterone Bio-Identical and DIM are ALL absolute musts for mood swings and hot flashes to stay at bay. They are greatly appreciated by my family as well."

- Pamela Van Zee, Director of Sales, Our Community Kitchen

"My #1 favorite product without a doubt is Miracle of Life, because who doesn't want to live to be 100! I is such an extraordinary formula, and I use it as my daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral.

Age-Less helps me to age less, stress less and ache less.

Mind Power keeps me focused.

Immune Support, Pro-Biotic MAX, and TransformZymes (digestive enzymes) are super important for my immune system, and more importantly, for my well-being."

- Greg Ashby, Certified Health Coach/Formulator

"My personal FAB 5 products were easy to choose!

#5. I like Mind Power because of the extra focus it gives me when I'm studying or need help getting in a focused mind state to start the day.

#4. I add Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex daily to my food when am cooking, especially with vegetables, rice and anything with a broth.

#3. Since I've been taking Ultra D3 for the last 2 years I've gotten sick twice! Has helped my immune system tremendously!

#2. Anytime I have pain, I use Relief asap. It penetrates deep into muscles for quick relief.

(Drumroll, please!) #1. Respiratory Lung Health has changed my life. I always struggled with my sinuses seasonally, but since starting this product, I've been able to breathe much easier throughout the year!"

- Demetrius "DC" Cook, Marketing

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